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Lillian Zheng


Experienced in Sea/Air commercial, booking, documentation and accounting position.
Skilled in Cargo booking with Shipping Lines
,issuing Bills of Lading and Manifests ,issuing Invoices and disbursement accounts (to clients and principal)
Contemporary coordinating Sea and Air shipments of ship stores on cruise vessels.

Experience working within a multinational atmosphere, relationship with clients,demonstrating always humility and respect in dealing with a number of different races, cultures, ethnicities, religions and experiences.

A diligent shipping agenter with previous experience in the professional sector. An individual who is passionate about building relationships and delivering bespoke quality solutions to clients. Combined research and personable skills create an individual who is driven to ensure clients are given a focused service with quality of guaranteed outcome.

Email: lillian@huayi-logistics.com
Phone: 0754-81881200