• 1. East African ports




    :Mombasa Mombasa (Kenya)
    Dar es Salaam - Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)
    These two ports are the gateway ports of East Africa, and many landlocked countries transit through them. The two shipping companies MSK and safcarine should account for the largest share of East African routes. The two shipping companies adopt the cooperation mode of sharing shipping space, with stable shipping schedule and fast voyage, but there are still some differences in freight. Generally, saf's freight is lower than MSK's. saf has become the first choice of many shippers because of its advantages of fast shipping schedule and low freight. PIL's East Africa route is its old route, so it is also the most popular shipping company for designated goods. Therefore, many factories and trading companies designated PIL ships will be met on the route, mostly due to the requirements of the consignee. Because of the assignment, the freight is higher.
    Due to the shortage of goods in Singapore during the peak season, PIL will often be overstocked in Singapore. CMA, PIL, one and MSC have also operated on this route for many years, but the price fluctuates greatly, so they can choose from time to time.

  • 2. West African ports




    Tema Tema (Ghana)
    Lome Lome (Togo)
    Cotonou Cotonou (Benin)
    Abidjan Abidjan (C ô te d'Ivoire)
    Lagos Lagos (Nigeria)
    The basic points of West African ports are five basic ports, but with other partial ports, there are about 20 ports in West Africa. Exports also account for the majority of Africa's entire routes. There are also more than 10 ship owners attached to West African ports.
    The ship owners of West Africa route are MSK / CMA / safcarine / Zim, which are more recognized by the cargo owner. The service at the port of destination is good and the shipping schedule is stable. Of course, the freight is relatively high. Safcarine, which has the lower freight, shares the warehouse with MSK, so the receiving situation is good, especially heavy containers. Medium ships, such as MSC / one / PIL / COSCO, are also better choices.
    In particular, Lagos, including tincan APAPA, are the focus of csoco receiving. Relying on the advantages of customs clearance capability at the port of destination, the biggest selling point of COSCO West Africa route is tincan, with abundant shipping space, so it began to receive goods at a low price. There are many shipowners on the West African route, which can be selected according to the characteristics of the goods.

  • 3. South African ports



    Durban Durban (South Africa)
    Cape Town - Cape Town (South Africa)
    Port Elizabeth - Port Elizabeth (South Africa)
    South Africa is a relatively affluent country in Africa. There are a lot of goods exported to the two basic ports of Durban and Capetown or transferred to the capital Johannesburg, so there are also a lot of shipowners attached to South Africa.
    MSK / OOCL / EMC / MSc / COSCO / one / PIL / CMA / ham-sud / etc. are all affiliated.
    At present, one / EMC / OOCL / MSc shipowners have the lowest prices, but they are still limited in terms of container and shipping space. MSK / COSCO has a fast shipping schedule and is highly popular with guests.

  • 4. North African ports




    Algiers - Algiers (Algeria)
    Casablanca - Casablanca (Morocco)
    Oran Oran (Algeria)
    Tunis Tunisia (Tunisia)
    Benghazi Benghazi (Libya)
    Tripoli - Tripoli (Libya)
    Elkhoms - Homs (Libya)
    Misurata Misurata district (Libya)

The African route is also known as the Cape of good hope route. Before the Suez Canal was opened, it was the only sea route from Europe to Southeast Asia and East Asia.
African routes are geographically divided into East Africa, West Africa, South Africa and North Africa.