Shenzhen,Guangzhou,Shantou,Shanghai,Ningbo etc port, including a variety of trailers, tons of cars, the special transport vehicles, ready to meet customer demand for the various logistics. Contracted drivers are many years of practical experience, a senior driver, familiar with the Shenzhen each customs field and the supervision of the customs port operation flow.



Our advantage:

1、The cheapest price: we signed the Guangdong region is the largest, the most qualified team;

2、Perfect service: export + transport in Hong Kong, “warehouse to warehouse” matching service

3、Most resources: have 19 team, company may at any time to mobilize various vehicles reached more than 300 department, fully able to meet your short season a variety of logistics demand

4、Fastest clearance: Huayi logistics forwarding of high-quality professional customs officers, and long-term legal clearance records, the maximum reduces the customs check goods rate; long-term and customs and Excise Department to maintain good communication and relationship to the timely processing of the difficult problems in the process of customs clearance;

5、Safe and smooth: signing of our vehicles, all installed GPS satellite positioning system, keep abreast of vehicle driving position, which can guarantee that the goods safety and guide the vehicle to avoid blocking the road, to ensure on time delivery, punctuality to warehouse;

6、monthly service: our long-term cooperation of quality customers, through the inspection of qualified, can sign a monthly agreement, to ease the pressure on the logistics of the customer.